Koala Bears

Koala Bears


Koala Bears

They are often called “Koala Bears” But Koalas are not bears. Many people think Koalas look like bears because they have round bodies, big ears, and broad, flat noses. Koalas look like cuddly toy teddy bears. These amazing Australian mammals “Koala Bears” are actually related to the Kangaroo. This means the Koala is a marsupial (mar –SOO – pee – ul).

If you ask people around the world to choose their favorite wild animal: near the top of any list of the favorites ones, would probably be the Koala Bears. The Koala bear is one of the animal symbols of Australia.

The koala is a marsupial that everybody likes; it is one of the most sought after animals and one that most arouses curiosity in people. Its popularity stems not only from its physical characteristics, but from its behavior as it is a very quiet animal. Children and adults alike are enchanted by the koala.

The Charming, koala has cool calm and collected written all over him. It is also pretty lazy passes most of the time sleeping.

When it is not sleeping, it is almost certain that the Koala is eating on top of any eucalyptus tree.

Present in the advertising campaigns of Australian tourist agencies all over the world and on various commercial products, koalas have become the symbol of the oceanic continent. In their country of origin, however, these cute marsupials are experiencing various problems that cause their survival to become endangered.

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